March 01 2018

ACA Reporting Solution

Create 1094/1095 forms and e-file with the IRS

ACA Reporting

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4:00 p.m. EDT :   ACA Management Tool® software demonstration

The Affordable Care Act is still the law.  Will you need to file 1094/1095 forms for 2017?

If you are not in compliance with the Affordable Care Act, the penalties can be catastrophic.  And the deadlines for reporting will be here before you know it!

The ACA Management Tool® is an affordable ACA reporting solution that could save you thousands of dollars in penalties.

In our demonstration, you’ll see how easy it is to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate.

The presentation demonstrates the Tracking, Reporting, Analysis, Control and Knowledge tools that are product features included in the ACA Management Tool® software.

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ACA Reporting Solution

Q:  If I can’t attend one of the webinars, can I view a full length demonstration of the ACA Management Tool®?

A:  Yes.  Visit our ACA GPS Education Channel to view a previously recorded webinar or one of many ACA Reporting Solution videos we’ve created.

Q:  Does your solution allow an employer to compare scenarios, assess the risk of penalties, and drill into details of specific employees that present possible fine risks?

A:  Yes – The ACA Management Tool® provides employers with an overview and detailed analysis of their compliance status in regards to the Affordable Care Act regulation, including both Section 4980H(a) and Section4980H(b) penalties. The user has the ability to compare scenarios for different categories of workers using both the Lookback and Monthly Measurement Methods.  Employers can analyze data at the Company level, or any subdivision (department, location, region, etc) within the company.  Additionally, an employer can drill down to the individual employee level for a detailed current and historical status report from multiple areas within the application.

Q:  Can I purchase a subscription online?

A:  Yes.  Reporting Only Subscriptions are available for purchase online.  Employers can get started in just a few easy steps.  C Series (“Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage”) and B Series (“Health Coverage”) subscriptions are available.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  Visit our Products Page to learn more.  (

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ACA Management Tool®: The affordable way to comply with the Affordable Care Act. Contact us today!

ACA Reporting Solution

August 2, 2017: The legislative proposals to repeal & replace the Affordable Care Act have been abandoned in the Senate. As a result, none of the proposed changes were confirmed and new regulations will not be implemented at this time. The current mandates continue to be the law. If an employer does not comply with them, they could be facing significant penalties.

ACA GPS assists employers in meeting their obligations under the ACA regulation. Our software product, ACA Management Tool®, remains fully compliant with the Employer Mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act regulation and we are ready to help you achieve compliance. Get started today with this easy to use, affordable ACA Reporting Solution!