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Reviews tell the story of our subscribers' experiences using ACA Management Tool® and give us insight as to how we are doing as a company.  Our policy is: "Customer Service is more important than anything else we do!" and we strive for 5 Star Reviews from all of our subscribers. 

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2017 - Reviews

August 2, 2017
We decided to work with ACA GPS based on a recommendation. I'm glad we took the advice. In a complicated situation, ACA GPS handled our account with deadlines fast approaching. We were met with terrific client service and an extremely thorough approach. If I had questions I always got a quick response. They even checked in to make sure I had everything I needed when I didn't have questions. If you're looking for a professional, patient and competitively priced team to help you navigate ACA, I highly recommend ACA GPS. ~ Brenda E., VP Finance

April 19, 2017
Ms. Laurie Henger went to great lengths to assist me in the completion of the IRS tax 1094/1095 electronic forms filing (as mandated under ACA tax filing requirements).  She manifested good problem solving skills, and at each turn was pleasant with her responses to all my many queries.  She was prompt in returning my calls, and her instructions were simple to understand and apply.  Laurie’s extended help is a prime reason we will return to your organization next year when we need to file again. ~ Nancy W., HR Director

April 4, 2017
We just finished our first year with ACA GPS. We are very, very impressed with their accuracy, seamless transition with our records and above all a "go to" for any ACA questions. I spent 3 years trying to get my head around how the new law would affect my company. ACA has taken the burden of tracking off our plates and quite affordably I might say. Way to go ACA GPS. ~ Tracey M., Owner

March 23, 2017
We have used ACA Reporting since Obama Care was implemented.  Dionne and her team is always there when I have a question or an issue.  The software is so easy to use and the filing process runs so smooth.  Thank you for another great year! ~Sheryl R., Human Resources Manager

March 22, 2017
ACA-GPS has made the ACA filing for our Company the most streamlined-efficient process that we could ask for.  The website, excel worksheets and most importantly, the customer service has been world class.  We utilized our payroll services last year and did not have a good experience with our filing.  ACA-GPS provided step-by-step procedures and assistance throughout the entire process.  Whether you’re a seasoned benefits specialist or just starting out, the customer service support will navigate you through the entire filing from developing the spreadsheets to filing with the IRS.  In addition, we requested quotes from two other companies and ACA-GPS was the most competitive with their rates.  I would recommend ACA-GPS to any company that is looking to meet the IRS requirements for filing their Health Care Reform reports. ~Ryan R., HR Manager

March 22, 2017
Thank you Laurie for a smooth ACA filing this year. ~Ashleigh W., HR Manager

March 21, 2017
Product Review: Great product. Makes uploading the information for the 1095s very easy. Also very convenient that it mails them for you. I like that if there are mistakes, it will detect them. I’m not sure how I would find them if I had to e-file them some other way.
Service Review: Excellent service. Any time I have questions or need assistance with something, I receive answers and help very quickly. I plan on continuing to use this product for as long as reporting is necessary. ~Bart B., President/Principal

March 16, 2017
I highly recommend ACA GPS LLC for all required ACA reporting.  For the past 2 years, they provided the software needed for the reporting along with all the needed support and guidance until the process was completed successfully.  They have great customer service, easily accessible and reliable. I am very satisfied with their service.  In addition, their price is reasonable.  You can’t go wrong with ACA GPS! ~A.F. (Brooklyn, NY)

March 14, 2017
I would like to say thank you again for all of your hard work to assist me in completing the 1095’s this year.  Again, without your assistance the process would have been very difficult to accomplish!  Your professionalism and timeliness is greatly appreciated.  ACA GPS is fortunate to have you on their team and I am fortunate to be able to work with you. ~Nicki F., HR Director

March 13, 2017
I have had the pleasure of working with ACA-GPS the last two years for our company’s ACA Reporting using the Reporting Only Subscription of the ACA Management Tool®.  The ACA Management Tool® made the required filings a painless process.   Once our company information was set up, we simply uploaded our employee data into the software.  The software checked the data for discrepancies and we were able to generate the 1095-C in no time.  I would also like to mention the superior customer support I received during the process. ~Glenda C., Payroll/HR Administrator

March 10, 2017
I don't know how we could've done our ACA filing without ACA-GPS and the delightful and constant support of Shelley-Ann.  Being completely new to HR/Payroll, and overwhelmed, Shelley-Ann patiently walked me through each step. Receiving "Accepted" by the IRS was truly a grand finale moment for me. There really should've been fireworks! I look forward to the opportunity to work with Shelley-Ann and ACA-GPS in the future. I will need reminding and prompting, again. Please help! Much appreciation to Shelley-Ann and all involved.  Thank you! ~Cherise W., HR/Payroll Director

March 10, 2017
ACA GPS was easy!!  It is the record-keeping that is difficult!  We consider ourselves to be a small company, so it is all a manual process. ~Cheri E., HR Manager

March 9, 2017
ACA GPS is amazing! Dionne and her team were beyond helpful from the very start! We tried a different system before switching over to ACA GPS and it was like night and day. The quick responses and reminders and knowledge is unbelievable. They make sure you understand everything and are satisfied with the system. The system is user friendly and contains so much information beyond what is required of the ACA. This has made health insurance so much easier knowing we have this system to support all of the laws and employee turnover. It truly is the best system and I am so happy we breached a previous contract to join ACA GPS! Thank you so much for everything you all have done! ~Courtney W.,  Special Events Manager

March 6, 2017
If you have any questions regarding ACA compliance or need excellent guidance on 1095 form preparation, immediately contact ACA GPS.  I came into ACA compliance with anxiety and fear that I would make mistakes that would affect my company and my team. Laurie calmed my fears immediately and provided excellent guidance on the ACA Management Tool®.  She was readily available when I had questions (big or small).  After a very informative, in-depth, and easy to understand tutorial, I was ready to start the process. The spreadsheets were easy to understand, maneuver through, and quite intuitive. Laurie walked me through uploading to the Tool® and the forms were generated very simply and accurately.  Overall, because I worked w/ACA GPS, the ACA compliance season was much easier and less stressful that I imagined it would be. ~Kevin P., HR Manager

March 2, 2017
We have used ACA GPS for two years. They make ACA reporting easy with their user-friendly employer platform and extremely patient and helpful staff. Make your HR administration life easier and go with the ACA GPS platform. I promise you will not regret it! ~Megan M., Lead, Compensation, Benefits and People Systems

March 1, 2017
For the second year we have utilized the ACA GPS tool to complete our ACA reporting requirements.  We are big fans of this product.  It is easy to use and the ACA-GPs employees we have worked with have always been extremely accommodating to us.  Their knowledge has helped us to navigate through this process with ease.  We look forward to continuing this relationship in the future. ~Mike R., VP Fiscal and Business Operations

February 28, 2017
I’ve worked with ACA-GPS for two years now.  Our company has the reporting only subscription.  One might think that the level of customer service is less since we do not have the full subscription.  However, that is not true in the least.  Laurie at ACA-GPS has been extremely helpful and answers all my questions.  She walked me through every step of the way to quell my concerns.  The smallest issues are fixed immediately.  Also, I was very impressed with how quickly emails and phone calls were addressed.  ACA GPS is a great company who can help anyone through the logistical nightmare of ACA reporting.  I highly recommend ACA-GPS. ~Jennifer B., HR Manager

February 9, 2017
I found the ACA Management Tool® very easy to use.  The instruction and assistance I was given were great.  The hardest part was coding each employee on the employee template; Laurie helped me with this also.  Once the templates were completed, the system uploaded and populated the forms quickly. ~Jacque B., Human Resources Director

January 23, 2017
The customer service team at ACA GPS is hands down the BEST group I have ever had the privilege to partner with!!!! Being newer to HR and unfamiliar with all the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act, I was VERY intimidated when I learned that I would be responsible for compiling our 1095s! My representative was the most helpful, patient person I could have asked for. She broke the whole process down into simple steps, always made time to answer any question I had, and got me over the 1095-finish line with no issues. To add to her wonderful service, the ACA Management Tool® was very effective and super easy to use. I HIGHLY recommend ACA GPS to any organization looking to partner with a knowledgeable, affordable, courteous provider! THANKS ACA GPS!!!!! ~Elizabeth C., HR Manager

January 17, 2017
This is the second year we have used the ACA Management Tool® for our ACA reporting.  The Tool® is simple to use and the staff at ACA GPS are just wonderful to work with.  We have been very happy with the ACA Management Tool® and ACA GPS and would recommend both to anyone looking for a simple and complete way to process your ACA filings. ~Bette A., HR Administrator

January 13, 2017
I have been working with ACA-GPS for two years and our company has 190 employees. Their system is very easy to use and their customer service team is excellent. They have options available to meet your individual business needs. Our company uses the reporting only subscription. The end of 2016 into January 2017, I worked with Laurie from ACA-GPS and she did a fantastic job walking me through each step to complete my forms. I would highly recommend ACA-GPS. ~Leslie R., Human Resources

January 13, 2017
Len has been as helpful as one can be.  ACA Reporting is not my strong suit, and Len has been patient and effective in guiding me through this morass.  It’s as close to being painless as it can be.  Glad we found ACA GPS – and I’d be glad to serve as a reference for their service any time.  ~Vincent P., Benefits Administrator

January 12, 2017
I was extremely pleased with the ease of processing the 1095-C forms for our 60+ employees this year.  ACA-GPS has excellent customer service.  With their software and guidance, I was able to print and distribute the forms in record time. ~Karin D., Controller

January 9, 2017
The employees at ACA-GPS have been wonderful. They have taken a complicated procedure and made it doable. I first started working with them for the 2015 fillings and they held my hand the whole way. They were never too busy to walk me through any issue I was having. They answered my emails promptly and explained in a way I could understand. It is so refreshing to work with this quality of people. I highly recommend the team and look forward to working with them next year. ~Pam D., Benefits/Accounting Assistant

January 5, 2017
ACA Management Tool® has been a wonderful tool I was introduced to as I took over the HR Department for a small company during the end of 2015 filings. I did not have any knowledge or training or guidelines I needed to follow, but with ACA GPS they walked me through the steps and helped to make sure I understood what needed to be done. Last year was difficult learning everything and this year it was a lot easier with the help of our contact at ACA GPS, she is always helpful and responds to my emails or calls very promptly. I look forward to working with them in the future.  ~Arie E., Human Resources

January 5, 2017
I wanted to share with both of you that using ACA GPS to file our 1095’s has been a very easy process 2 years in a row.  Whenever I had any questions or problems, someone was always available to help.  I highly recommend ACA GPS. ~Beth B., HR and Community Outreach Director

2016 - Reviews

December 22, 2016
I’ve worked with ACA GPS going on my 2nd year. My experience has been fantastic. They are very responsive and communicate to me in the most appropriate ways to help me be effective following the ACA guidelines. I would highly recommend their service. ~Laney D., HR Director

December 9, 2016
ACA-GPS is a great partner. They really mean “let us do the work”. Very helpful and collaborative. ~Bruce T., Senior Director, Health & Welfare Benefits

October 20, 2016
I’d like to share some feedback on Dionne – she was very helpful last year and I really appreciated her clear directions and overall great support! We received other quotes/offers for ACA services and a big reason for renewing with ACA GPS was the professional support from Dionne.  ~Jeff D., Finance Director of Operations

October 14, 2016
We began doing business with ACA GPS with reporting for the 2015 plan year.  We have been impressed and pleased with the expert service.  The staff at ACA GPS are very qualified and have been responsive to my inquiries.  They have been helpful in educating me to many of the details of the reporting requirements.  When it comes to interpreting the ACA regulations and the resulting reporting requirements, I truly believe that the ACA GPS staff is far more knowledgeable than most everyone out there.  By utilizing this service, my plan will pass any audits that I may be subjected to.  We have continued to contract with them for the 2016 plan year and I just recently set the contract with them for the 2017 plan year as well. ~Scott E., HR Manager

May 20, 2016
Over the last 9 months, we have found their ACA Management Tool® product to be an invaluable tool toward meeting our health insurance offering and government reporting obligations. ACA GPS provided good written instructions, but beyond that, provided the best customer service experience I could have hoped for by their whole team. Our customer service agent was always there to help in a pleasant and professional manner. They took away the fear of asking too many questions, and gave us confidence in the use of the software. ~Nita J., Benefits Manager

2015 - Reviews

December 8, 2015
I have been using the ACA Management Tool® through ACA-GPS, LLC for about 6 months now. The team at ACA-GPS, LLC has been very courteous and helpful in our transition over to their ACA Management Tool®. The ACA Management Tool®, although intimidating at first, is actually very easy to use and provides you with the peace of mind that you are following all of the ACA guidelines that are constantly changing.” ~Caitlin H., HR Director

August 20, 2015
Within 2 weeks of our initial contact, we were signed up, meeting with your team about our particular business setup and well on our way. As of today, we are finishing up offers and have been very pleased with the smoothness of the operation. The program is very user friendly but the best selling point is that we have your Customer Service & Support group to call on when we have questions. The on-boarding of data was quick and smooth … and we appreciate the security measures that you have taken to protect our data. I am notorious for saying that customer service is dead but you guys are proving me wrong. ACA GPS is the only thing to smile about with regards to the Affordable Care Act tracking and regulations in our office and we thank you for all of your help during this process. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with ACA GPS! ~Carla B., Corporate Controller

April 13, 2015
This was the best decision our company could have made for assistance and guidance with the Affordable Care Act. The entire team at ACA GPS has taken so much time to assist, repair and guide me to where we are right now. The system is very easy to learn and work with, and it is just a joy to have all you there to “cheer” me on. I look forward to the end of the year and seeing how this all comes together….without a doubt, it will be perfect! Just in case I have not said it before, thank you all for everything you have done to assist and help get us up and running on the ACA Management Tool®. ~Sheryl V., HR Coordinator

January 23, 2015
I am happy to refer ACA GPS to anyone that is looking for assistance for complying with the requirements now in place with the Affordable Care Act. Their ACA Management Tool® software is easy to understand and very helpful not only to ensure that we stay in compliance but also to help us see the future and what we need to prepare for. The ACA GPS team is very helpful and they are a professional group who bring with them vast knowledge in homecare. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in efficiency within their organization. ~John C., VP of Operations