The Affordable Care Act is not easy to understand.
ACA GPS is here to help.

The adoption and implementation of the Affordable Care Act raises complex questions for employers:

  • Are we an Applicable Large Employer?
  • How many hours are our variable hour employees working?
  • Are we required to offer Minimum Essential Coverage?
  • Are we working toward ACA Compliance?

ACA-GPS, LLC was founded with the mission of creating and providing the highest quality, most comprehensive, user friendly and cost-effective Affordable Care Act (ACA) management tools and services in the market.

ACA-GPS, LLC objectives include becoming the industry leader in Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance software, maintaining the highest levels of customer service, and remaining up to date with all changes to mandates or regulations that are part of the ACA.

The ACA Management Tool®, developed by ACA-GPS, LLC, provides employers with Tracking, Reporting and Analysis tools all in one easy to use package, giving them the Control and Knowledge they need to navigate the complex ACA maze.

The ACA Management Tool® takes the confusion out of the Affordable Care Act by giving you the tools you need to be compliant.


Affordable Care Act

August 2, 2017: The legislative proposals to repeal & replace the Affordable Care Act have been abandoned in the Senate. As a result, none of the proposed changes were confirmed and new regulations will not be implemented at this time. The current mandates continue to be the law. If an employer does not comply with them, they could be facing significant penalties.

ACA GPS assists employers in meeting their obligations under the ACA regulation. Our software product, ACA Management Tool®, remains fully compliant with the Employer Mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act regulation and we are ready to help you achieve compliance. Get started today!