ACA Reporting - Break the Chain!

Feel like you are chained to your current ACA vendor?
ACA Reporting – Break the Chain!

Last month, while visiting our booth at a convention in Florida, an attendee said:

“We’ll just use the same company we used last year. It was painful, and they missed a couple of deadlines, but we’ll just use them again since they do our payroll and they already have our information.”

Say NO to the status quo.

The ACA Management Tool® is a standalone Affordable Care Act comprehensive management and reporting solution. There is no need to change any of your existing systems or service providers in order to use the ACA Management Tool®.  There is no reason you have to stay with your current vendor just because they “have” your information. It’s YOUR information! You can take it anywhere you want, any time you want.

If you aren’t happy with the Affordable Care Act reporting service you used last year, there are NO REQUIREMENTS that you continue using it. The IRS does not require you to stay with the same vendor. You can transmit your information via any authorized transmitter that has received their TCC (transmitter control code) through the ACA Information Reporting (AIR) system.

100% of ACA Management Tool® subscribers met the deadlines for distribution of the 1095 forms and electronic filing the 1094/1095 forms with the IRS for reporting on Tax Year 2015. Additionally, those subscribers that received “TIN Validation Error” messages were able to correct and resubmit to the IRS in a timely manner, at no additional cost to the employer.

Imagine enjoying the experience of achieving Affordable Care Act compliance.

Seriously. Close your eyes. (Well, keep one open a little bit so you can keep reading).

Imagine calling the vendor you selected, and speaking with an actual Customer Service Representative in person. Imagine that the representative is knowledgeable about your situation, is able to help you navigate the ACA regulation, and with just a few steps you are on the path to ACA compliance. Seem like a dream you’ve had in the past?

ACA Management Tool® is ready to make your dream a reality!

ACA Management Tool® is an industry leading SaaS (software as a service) product that quickly and easily integrates with an employer’s existing software systems. There is no need to change your existing payroll systems, human resource information systems, scheduling, or time and attendance software.

What’s holding you back?  Isn’t it time to break the chain?
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Break the Chain:  Contact us & achieve compliance on ACA Reporting!

ACA GPS has developed the ACA Management Tool® to assist employers (Large and Small) with achieving compliance with the ACA.  We are authorized to transmit 1094/1095 B and C series forms for private businesses, government entities, and insurance companies.    

The products we offer include:

Full Subscription – includes tracking, analysis, eligibility, affordability, offers, responses, and:

                Initial Subscription for one year term

                Single Company Set Up (single EIN) for up to 1,000 employee records.  (Additional employee records are just $1.00 ea)

                Price is $1,995.00 (Additional EINs reporting under common ownership are just $900 ea)

The Full Subscription solution is best for employers that need to track hours to determine eligibility, and want to keep up with their offers & responses, etc, all in one place.  This subscription includes creating printable PDF versions of the 1095 C (or B) forms required under IRC §6055 and §6056.  The Tool® will e-File the forms using our TCC number, on behalf of the employer after review.

We also offer Reporting Only Subscriptions which employers can use to create printable versions of the 1094/1095 (Bs or Cs) for distribution to the employees & e-filing with the IRS.  This subscription is appropriate for employers that need a reporting solution, not a tracking solution.  A Reporting Only Subscription is $825 per EIN, for up to 1,000 Form 1095’s for Tax Year 2016.  (Additional 1095s are $.50 ea). 

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