November 2016

The recent US Presidential election has resulted in much discussion and speculation regarding the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  The elimination of the Employer Shared Responsibility Provision is part of the discussion. While this is possible, moving a bill through Congress can be a difficult process which could take years to pass.

Until any proposed changes are confirmed and new regulations are implemented, the current mandates are the law and failing to comply with them exposes an employer to significant penalties.

ACA GPS will conduct business as usual and continue to assist employers in meeting their obligations under the current ACA regulation until any modifications to the current law are passed and implemented. We will keep our software product, ACA Management Tool®, fully compliant with the Employer Mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act regulation and update the software accordingly.

Thank you.

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ACA GPS has developed the ACA Management Tool® to assist employers (Large and Small) with achieving compliance with the ACA.  We are authorized to transmit 1094/1095 B and C series forms for private businesses, government entities, and insurance companies.    

The products we offer include:

Full Subscription – includes tracking, analysis, eligibility, affordability, offers, responses, and:

                Initial Subscription for one year term

                Single Company Set Up (single EIN) for up to 1,000 employee records.  (Additional employee records are just $1.00 ea)

                Price is $1,995.00 (Additional EINs reporting under common ownership are just $900 ea)

The Full Subscription solution is best for employers that need to track hours to determine eligibility, and want to keep up with their offers & responses, etc, all in one place.  This subscription includes creating printable PDF versions of the 1095 C (or B) forms required under IRC §6055 and §6056.  The Tool® will e-File the forms using our TCC number, on behalf of the employer after review.

We also offer Reporting Only Subscriptions which employers can use to create printable versions of the 1094/1095 (Bs or Cs) for distribution to the employees & e-filing with the IRS.  This subscription is appropriate for employers that need a reporting solution, not a tracking solution.  You can create a quote for aReporting Only Subscription on our home page. 

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