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What if you could completely customize a dependent eligibility audit
to meet the organization’s goals and objectives on your timeline?


With DECATool and ACA GPS, you can!


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DECATool℠ is a cloud-based, secure software program for determining and documenting dependent eligibility on employer sponsored health plans, especially those that are self-funded.

  • Affordable
  • Professional and respectful communications
  • Employee portal is secure and easy to use
  • Document storage is secure and confidential
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is kept secure and confidential


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Q: Why should I verify dependent eligibility?
A: While the reasons for ineligibility are not necessarily attempts to deceive, generally somewhere between 2% and 10% of plan participants are ineligible as outlined in the Summary Plan Description.

Q: Is it really a problem if someone isn’t eligible?
A: Using payroll contributions to fund health care claim costs of ineligible dependents is an ERISA violation. By conducting a dependent verification audit, you demonstrate fiduciary responsibility and reduce your non-compliance risk under ERISA, SOX, and DOL.

Q: But how much could I really save?
A: Assume that the average claims payout, per dependent, on an employer-sponsored group health plan is $4,700 and the plan has 100 dependents enrolled. If just 3 of them are found ineligible, the plan could save more than $14,000.

Q: That’s a lot of money! How do I get started?
A: Contact ACA GPS today – email or call 470-239-5524


Data Protection & Security

ACA GPS, LLC takes data security very seriously. ACA GPS was awarded SOC2 Certification by an Independent Auditor in May of 2016. ACA GPS controls over the ACA Management Tool® were suitably designed to provide reasonable assurance that as of May 16, 2016:

  • The system is protected against unauthorized access, use, or modification
  • The system is available for operation and use as committed or agreed
  • System processing is complete, valid, accurate, timely and authorized
  • Information designated as confidential is protected as committed or agreed
  • Personal information is collected, used, retained, disclosed, and destroyed in conformity with ACA GPS’s commitments and system requirements

The auditor’s report was based on the principles set forth in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ TSP section 100, Trust Services Principles, Criteria, and Illustrations for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy. If you are interested in reviewing a copy of the SOC3 report, please click here.

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