June 28 2017

Create ACA Reporting forms and e-file with the IRS

1:00 p.m. EDT

Look no further than the ACA Management Tool®!

If you had 50 or more employees (Full Time + Full Time Equivalents) in 2015, you were an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) for Tax Year 2016.

As an ALE, you are responsible for complying with the Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions (ESRP) under the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act is an extremely complex piece of legislation and understanding the ESRP can be a daunting task for an employer.

You also have reporting requirements to eligible employees and the Internal Revenue Service under IRC §6055 and §6056.

The process of gathering the information, analyzing the data, filling out the forms, and putting it all together by yourself can feel overwhelming.

ACA GPS is here to help!  ACA Management Tool® is the Affordable Care Act reporting solution you need.

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ACA Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  If I can’t attend one of the webinars, can I view a full length demonstration of the ACA Management Tool®?

A:  Yes.  Visit our Affordable Care Act information channel to view a previously recorded webinar or one of many ACA Reporting educational videos we’ve created.

Q:  Can your solution handle both measurement methods outlined in the Affordable Care Act regulation?

A:  Yes – The ACA Management Tool® allows an employer to track employees using either the Lookback Measurement Method or the Monthly Measurement Method.  The system documents all status changes at the employee level, creating an audit trail.  The employer dashboard provides insight into employees that are near the threshold, at the threshold, or over the threshold of eligibility.  The dashboard also alerts the employer to any upcoming events that are on the 30 day horizon (i.e. Measurement Period Ending, Administrative Period Beginning, ACA Reporting and IRS filing deadlines, etc.)

Q:  Can I purchase a subscription online?

A:  Yes.  We have our Reporting Only Subscription product online available for purchase.  Employers can get started in just a few easy steps.  C Series and B Series subscriptions are available, for just $925 per EIN.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  Visit our Products Page to learn more.  (www.acagps.com/products)

Click HERE to view more FAQs.  The ACA Management Tool® helps employers navigate the complex maze of the Affordable Care Act.

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Currently discussions are taking place in Congress regarding the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  Those discussions include elimination of the Employer Shared Responsibility requirements.  Moving a bill through Congress is a difficult process which takes time.  

Until the proposed changes are confirmed and new regulations are implemented, the current mandates are the law and failing to comply with them exposes an employer to significant penalties.

ACA GPS is conducting business as usual.  We continue to assist employers in meeting their obligations under the current ACA regulation.  Our software product, ACA Management Tool®, will be kept in compliance with the Employer Mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act regulation, and updates to it will be made as needed.