• Control measures to keep the employer within the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act
  • Establish categories for separate groups of employees
    • Salary
    • Hourly
    • Union members
    • Employees in different states
  • Choose Measurement Method for each employee category
  • Lookback vs Monthly (Real Time)
  • Create Standard Measurement Period for each Lookback method category
  • Import & export from existing scheduling, payroll, and HRIS systems
  • Support for multiple vendors
  • Customize import formats using existing reports
  • All reports can be sorted on screen or downloaded & exported
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Worker Category Set Up

ACA Management Tool®: The affordable way to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

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Q:  Will the ACA Management Tool® calculate my total FTE (full-time equivalent) count?

A:  Yes. ACA Management Tool® is able to calculate your full time employee and full-time equivalent employee counts.

Q:  Will the ACA Management Tool® help me determine if I am an Applicable Large Employer?

A:  Yes. After integrating your employee information in the ACA Management Tool®, you can quickly and easily determine if Applicable Large Employer status applies. Additionally, you can immediately determine which employees qualify for coverage, track the employees that are approaching the threshold, and generate the necessary IRS forms for reporting.

Q:  Can your solution handle both measurement methods outlined in the Affordable Care Act regulation?

A: Yes. ACA Management Tool® allows an employer to track employees using either the Lookback Measurement Method or the Monthly Measurement Method.  The system documents all status changes at the employee level, creating an audit trail.  The employer dashboard provides insight into employees that are near the threshold, at the threshold, or over the threshold of eligibility.  The dashboard also alerts the employer to any upcoming events that are on the 30 day horizon (i.e. Measurement Period Ending, Administrative Period Beginning, IRS filing deadlines, etc.)

ACA Management Tool® Demo

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