• Affordable Care Act compliance reporting solution
  • Employee measurement period cumulative hours, including worked, scheduled and reserved reported in relationship to Measurement Period thresholds
  • Look-back Measurement Method
  • Monthly Measurement Method/Real-Time (Monthly Analysis)
  • Automated alerts for “at-risk” employees
  • Trending analysis
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) offers required and follow-up
  • Generate reports for employees and the IRS required under section 6055/6056
    • 1094-B
    • 1095-B
    • 1094-C
    • 1095-C
  • Reports are available in printable and electronically transmittable versions. Reports meet all IRS filing specifications.

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Employee Measurement Period Cumulative Hours

Compliance Reporting

Automated Alerts

Will you be ready to report?  The reporting deadlines for Tax Year 2016 have passed, but you can still e-file.  Better late than never!  Do you need an Affordable Care Act reporting solution?

Click here to read an article that details how the ACA Management Tool® will help you REPORT!

Q: When were the 1094/1095 Affordable Care Act Forms due for Tax Year 2016?

A: The IRS deadlines for Tax Year 2016 were:

  • 1095s postmarked to employees/responsible individuals: March 2nd, 2017
  • If mailing the 1094/1095s to the IRS (employers with less than 250 forms are eligible to submit their information returns to the IRS via USPS first class mail): February 28th, 2017
  • If filing the 1094/1095s to the IRS electronically (all subscribers to the ACA Management Tool® are able to transmit their information returns to the IRS electronically, for no additional charge): March 31st, 2017

Q:  Does the ACA Management Tool® submit the forms directly to the ‪‎IRS on behalf of the employer?

A:  Yes.  Subscribers to the ACA Management Tool® electronically file their 1094/1095 C (or B) forms to the IRS via ACA GPS’s ‪TCC number.  Employers do NOT need to apply for their own TCC number with the IRS.  There is no need for the subscriber to conduct IRS testing or attempt to create an XML file.

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